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Masterpieces by Milanese master craftsmen hosted at Rosa Grand

As part of the patronage project La Grande Bellezza - The Dream Factory, from November 2023 to April 2024 Starhotels has promoted a new action in favor of the great Italian masters.

Theater of this unprecedented initiative were the Duomo Luxury Apartments, the iconic Penthouses with Duomo view, the Suites and some common areas such as the Sfizio, Roses and Golden Lounge Restaurants.

In these caskets, La Grande Bellezza found a new limelight as a selection of works created by some of the best artisan ateliers in and around Milan was placed in the prestigious spaces of the Rosa Grand. Exceptional pieces were included in the furnishings, accompanied by illustrative captions.

The works on display could be purchased to take with them a sort of artisan souvenir: as in the era of the Grand Tour, when travelers visiting Italy's most beautiful cities sought out and greatly appreciated these precious "travel souvenirs." A historical link that harks back to the golden age of Italian artisan workshops and their patrons! 

Many of these great artist-craftsmen have now been acquired by Starhotels, becoming an integral part of the spaces at the Rosa Grand. 

This action, which starts in Milan and which Starhotels wishes to replicate in the future in some of the prestigious Starhotels Collezione, provides master craftsmen with showcases of particular beauty and refinement. A new way for Starhotels to unveil and support beauty and its great creators in our country, bringing them to the attention of international audiences with the pride of having... Italy in the heart!

Discover the artisans


Discover the artisans


Discover the artisans

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