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Riccardo Traviganti inherited the turnery from his father, Carlo, and creates exceptional objects in silver, brass, copper and steel. The two-metre high Fabergé eggs with a bar inside and the life-size carriage pulled by a mechanical horse are among its most astonishing creations.

Today the baton has been passed on to his children: Carlo, Mara, Lorena who, together with a team of collaborators, work on the most varied of creations, making home accessories in silver, alpaca and brass.

On the mezzanine there are moulds and casts of all sizes, and on the walls there are many plates, bars and metals. Customers come from far and wide, including the United Arab Emirates and Russia. Riccardo Traviganti was even commissioned to make a camel-shaped teapot, a copy of an 18th-century model he found in an art book, for a Paris shop renowned for its teas.

1. Silver plated “Train” on wooden base
Size (cm): 25 x 12 x h 20
Price: € 793,60
2. Gold plated "Horse" sculpture with black enamel base
Size (cm): 23 x h 65
Price: € 2.318,00
3. Silver plated "Snake" teapot, blue crystal eyes
Size (cm): 20 x 12 x h 15
Price: € 707,60
4. Silver plated "Submarine" teapot on wooden base
Size (cm): 22 x 10 x h 22
Price: € 610,00
5. Caffettiera ovale Gold plated con oblò in pyrex
Size (cm): 20 x 6 x h 22
Price: € 671,00
6. Silver plated "House" teapot on wooden base
Size (cm): 22 x 12 x h 24
Price: € 707,60
7. Silver plated "Bombardetta" teapot on wooden base
Size (cm): 20 x 12 x h 22
Price: € 610,00
8. Silver plated “Bee” teapot
Size (cm): 24 x 10 x h 22
Price: € 854,00
9. "Little bar," with two crystal and black enamel bottles, golden plated finish
Size (cm): 30 x 19 x h 24
Price: € 1.281,00
10. Silver plated swivel centerpiece
Size (cm): 22 x 15 x h 56
Price: € 1.586,60
11. Silver plated “Airplane” teapot
Size (cm): 25 x 20 x h 12
Price: € 707,60


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