The Award

As part of the project “La Grande Bellezza,” Starhotels confers a bi-annual award whose primary aim is to valorize the repertoire of Italian crafts and artisan masters. The award is meant to recognize the talent, skill, and know-how of artisans working in Italy, as well as their initiative. The award money is intended to support the winner’s craft, demonstrating how, with hard work and talent, doing business in the world of craftsmanship in Italy is still possible.

Edition 2021-2022

The second edition focused on the theme 'The Beauty of Nature' and followed the thread of sustainability, imagining high craftsmanship furniture and details for the most prestigious environments in the hospitality world.

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"The award has been created with the aim of giving voice, space, and concrete opportunities to the masters and enterprises of Italian craftsmanship, offering the protagonists of this Italian 'Great Beauty' an extraordinary stage."

Elisabetta Fabri, President and CEO Starhotels

Edition 2019-2020

The first Edition, in collaboration with Fondazione Cologni, Associazione OMA and Gruppo Editoriale, focused on the evocative theme 'A Source of Light'.

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