Antonino Negri

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The artist Antonino Negri, known as Tonino, was born in Lodi in 1961, where he runs the famous workshop "Terra crea", in which he creates his ceramic masterpieces (stoneware, refractory, engobe, semirefractory and glazes). He took an early interest in ceramics as a traditional and innovative creative form.

Since 1980 he has been working with artists and craftsmen on various projects with the openness, curiosity and availability for which he is renowned. Projects have included theatre, ceramics, sculpture and set design. The themes of his work are nature, the elements, the cycle of the seasons, the earth, myth and fairy tales: the immortal language of symbols and archetypes. His work includes beautiful and mysterious terracotta women, delicate ark sculptures of all sizes and architectural pieces.

The simple, evocative titles of his works are enough to evoke the fascination of his very personal world: The Moon and the Grouper, Spring, Sky, Ionian, Fountain, Ark on the Rock, Ark Ocean, Ark Sky, Nile, Passage, On the Thread of the Tale, The House of Owls, Temple of the Owl, Naked King, The Whale Song, Big Garden... a small universe deeply connected to nature, life, water, the plant and animal world, the very roots of our humanity.

1. Glazed stoneware "Ark of Light" sculpture
Size (cm): 50 x 35
Price: € 2.500,00
2. Pair of "Bearers" sculptures in glazed stoneware
Size (cm): 67 x 20
Price: € 5.000,00
3. Pair of "Bearers" sculptures in glazed stoneware
Size (cm): 60 x 25
Price: € 2.400,00


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