Phoenix, fragrance diffuser

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Starhotels chose to entrust Sara Ricciardi with the task of creating a special object: Phoenix, a high-quality fragrance diffuser. A sculptural object, a precious fragrance diffuser rich with symbolism, which triumphantly represents the cyclical rebirth of artistic inspiration and beauty.
The Phoenix is the mysterious mythological bird that is reborn from its ashes every 500 years. Sara Ricciardi’s Phoenix for Starhotels has been reincarnated as a captivating creation, thanks to the know-how of three leading Italian ateliers.

We worked with Turin perfumer Diletta Tonatto, imagining the flight of the phoenix over Italy, to rekindle the wonder of the Grande Bellezza project. The olfactory journey opens with the invigorating notes of Ital­ian citrus: bergamot and or­ange, paired with pepper and thyme. But it is in the heart that the fragrance displays its identity and its powerful mes­sage: a blossoming, prophesy­ing fruit, the symbol of fertili­ty. The generous floral accord is composed of jasmine, rose, magnolia and orange blossom. These emerge in a crescendo, inviting us to bloom again. Closing notes of sweet almond blend with incense and wood for an intense and spiritual mood.

The diffuser was shaped in collaboration with Fornace Mian in Murano and the Milan metal work­shop Silver Tre.

At the furnace we revived an ancient Phoenician tech­nique to turn the blown glass into the plumage of the sacred bird, in all its amber-coloured evanescence. With Silver Tre we created the satinised brass halo that evokes the sun, orig­inator of rebirth. The imagery of the packaging is entirely based on the hues of sunrise and sunset. Because sunset also evokes the idea of dawn: every ending heralds a new beginning. We want to offer you this glorious symbol of transformation and vital en­ergy, to accompany your own daily renaissance in light and beauty.


The Masters of beauty done well

Silver Tre: a famous Milanese  atelier producing extraordinary creations in silver, brass, copper and steel, which are often unique pieces of the highest quality in bold, original forms.

Fornace Mian: continues the great Murano art of glassworking in a constant quest for shapes and colours, creating exclusive objects that mix the traditional and the contemporary.

Diletta Tonatto: the Turin house that represents Italian excellence in perfumery worldwide, in a perfect fusion
of tradition and the cutting edge.




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