Guido De Zan

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In his workshop “Il Coccio”, artist De Zan has been producing artistic objects, vases, bowls and small sculptures using stoneware, ceramics and porcelain since 1978. His work is inspired by Japanese tradition, northern European countries and contemporary design.

Although his work initially focused on useful objects made in majolica, he later adopted the raku technique, turning his attention to more symbolic objects, such as cups for the tea ceremony, vases and decorative panels. Since the 1990s, ceramic production has been accompanied by graphic research, using various techniques and materials.

Over the last twenty-five years, he has devoted himself almost exclusively to vases and sculptures in stoneware and porcelain, pursuing with great elegance, rigour and formal purity an "idea of lightness", i.e. the desire to "lighten" the material and to seek balance in the elegance of the essential.

1. "Abacus" made of stoneware and wood
Size (cm): 30 x 30
Price: € 1.200,00
2. "Character" vases in engobed stoneware
Size (cm): h 33
Price: € 500,00
3. "Character" vases in engobed stoneware
Size (cm): h 31
Price: € 500,00
4. Glazed stoneware vase
Size (cm): h 25
Price: € 280,00
5. Glazed stoneware vase
Size (cm): h 27
Price: € 280,00
6. Glazed stoneware vase
Size (cm): h 33
Price: € 300,00


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