Cloris, fascinating tableware

Named after the nymph carried in the arms of Aeolus in Botticelli’s magnificent Primavera, Cloris pays homage to the sweetness of the new season’s awakening, almost carrying us away in a breeze where the petals dance lightly.

The blown glass collection, made of plates, stem glasses, flower vases, candleholders and cake stands, evokes a table laid for a spring lunch in the sun. Cloris is brought to life with sensual and delicate designs in light, transparent shapes adorned with multicoloured petals, under the craftsmanship of Vetrarti and Tessilarte, creators of excellence in the Italian art of living.


Art Direction Sara Ricciardi 

Photo: Cartacarbone.


The Masters of beauty done well

Tessilarte: a historic Florentine fine household linen company: after more than seventy years, its “hundred” colours of linen still feature in its collections, just as its historic looms still weave, bearing witness to a rare form of craftmanship which constantly reinvents itself.

Vetrarte: a Treviso-based company with an international reputation for making high-quality Murano glass. It produces beautiful and exclusive colours, displaying complete mastery of all glassworking techniques, and creates unique pieces in its furnace to the specifications of major designers.



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