Ganci Silversmith

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Established in 1926, Ganci is one of Milan’s oldest factories, taken over by Giuseppe Morandino in 1960. Today, his grandchildren, Giovanna, Giuseppe, Giorgio and Gianluca, are passionate carriers of the family's know-how, known above all for the extremely refined production of chiselled pieces.

The wide range of silver tableware and accessories includes a rich variety of charger plates, soup tureens, bowls, candlesticks, cutlery, teapots, trays, jewellery boxes and vases. Ganci Argenterie is a prestigious artisan workshop that, for three generations, has proudly defended the noble Milanese tradition of solid silver artefacts of great technical and artistic value in its spacious and elegant showroom and workshop.

Drawing on the oldest arts of precious metalworking, they design, create and make unique and refined objects. The company is now increasingly working on a project and bespoke basis, using metals other than silver such as brass, copper and nickel silver. The result is unique pieces that are considered true masterpieces, thanks in part to collaborations with internationally renowned designers who appreciate the workshop's ability to find ingenious technical and production solutions.

1. Silver plated centerpiece, chiseled repassed cast fretwork
Size (cm): Ø 47
Price: € 2.800,00
2. Five-flame candelabra, silver 800
Size (cm): h 52
Price: € 4.000,00
3. Silver plated centerpiece, with four removable small bowls
Size (cm): 45 x 30
Price: € 800,00
4. Jatte in 925 sterling silver
Size (cm): 22 x 22
Price: € 3.500,00
5. Set of two decorative bottles in silver plated
Size (cm): h 40
Price: € 2.000,00
6. Silver plated vase
Size (cm): 30 x 30
Price: € 1.700,00
7. Jewelry box, made and chiseled by hand in 925 sterling silver
Size (cm): 22 x 22
Price: € 6.000,00
8. Decorative centerpiece with silver plated parterre, handmade
Size (cm): 55 x 37
Price: € 5.000,00


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