Romeo Miracoli

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After more than a century, the glorious family tradition, started by the founder Romeo in 1912, continues in the silver shop of the Miracoli family. The store tables and original early 20th century display cases feature tea and coffee services, candlesticks, gravy boats, soup tureens, frames, trays and cutlery in all styles.

Particularly noteworthy is the production of enamelled silver animals, mounted on a range of accessories, with more than thirty ducks, crafted with extraordinary attention to detail.

The workshop continues to handcraft, turn and polish individual pieces, from sports trophies to cutlery sets. The atelier also restores antique and modern pieces. Romeo Miracoli is recognised with “Bottega Storica” and “Negozio Storicostatus in Milan.

1. Set of two "Onda" glasses, silver plated
Size (cm): 7 x 9,5
Price: € 200,00
2. Silver plated English-style tray
Size (cm): 33,5 x 21
Price: € 169,00
3. Silver plated pitcher with warthog tusk handle
Size (cm): 7 x 12 x 21
Price: € 500,00
4. Pair of 925 sterling silver candlesticks with warthog tusk
Size (cm): 19 x 12 x h 19
Price: € 3.000,00


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