The Winner

In the shortlist of 10 finalists, the authoritative jury led by Elisabetta Fabri, president and CEO of Starhotels as well as the creator of this special patronage initiative, identified the work "Primitivo" created by Andrea Bouquet, of Turin as the winning project.


Primitivo” is a cabinet in American walnut assembled with pins and loose tenon joints, also in walnut. The outer case was shaped by chainsaw with the signature rough marks deliberately left visible; the doors, in walnut, ash and cherry, are the result of using marquetry, an ancient inlaying technique, to create a design with a three-dimensional effect which comes purely from the natural colour of the three woods. The interior features a small drawer with trimplate in vertically striped American walnut and maple. The legs are finished with enamel and gold leaf. Primitivo aims to strip the piece of furniture of its characteristic form and sturdiness, distorting geometric and natural lines and taking inspiration from a still wild or untamed Nature.


Andrea Bouquet was born in Turin, where he continues to work today. After gaining his diploma in 1996 at the A. Bertoni Institute of Art in Saluzzo, Piedmont, he started out by studying woodwork and working for 10 years in several local artisanal workshops. In 2006, he started to blend and fuse art, Nature and culture with his own craft skills. In an era of advanced technology and digitalization, in his workshop he goes against the grain, designing and creating furniture by hand and with the aid of a few electric tools. In his studio/workshop he fuses traditional cabinetmaking with furniture history and the local area.


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