Rules of Entry


Starhotels S.p.A. (henceforth referred to as the “Promoter”), a leading company operating for many years in Italy and abroad in the luxury hotel sector and which has always sought to share with its clients the secret of “Italian living”, has launched “La Grande Bellezza”, a project with the key aim of highlighting the creativity and rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship (henceforth referred to as the “Project”).

Partners in the Project are Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte, OMA - Osservatorio dei Mestieri d'Arte di Firenze and Gruppo Editoriale, henceforth referred to as the Partners.

Within the scope of the Project the Promoter has decided to launch a competition with the key aim of showcasing the wide range of artistic trades in Italy and its master craftspeople.

Each edition will have a specific theme on which entries will be based. Candidates should present an artisan-produced artistic product relating to the designated theme. The themes will always relate to the hospitality industry and may relate to settings (bar, lounge area, guest rooms, etc.) or to specific product categories (lighting, interior decor, etc.).



Through the Competition, the Promoter aims to highlight the talent, skill, design and execution capability and entrepreneurship of craftspeople working in Italy.

The cash prize is intended to support the development of the winner’s business in order to demonstrate that, with talent and commitment, it is still possible to run a successful business in the world of arts professions in Italy.



The first edition of the Competition is focused on the theme of “A source of light”.

Participants are invited to present works linked in some way, not necessarily literally, to the theme of illumination: in other words, lamps of all kinds, but also candlesticks, candles, mirrors, glass, objects, and home accessories that emit or reflect light. Personal interpretations of the theme are also permitted, provided they can be adequately justified.



Works should be contemporary, original artistic creations. They must not have been entered into other competitions.

Participants will be required to declare in writing that the work has been conceived and created by themselves and that it is their exclusive property.

All techniques and materials are permitted, provided that the work is completely or in large part created manually, according to the criteria and methods of master craftsmanship.



Participation is free of charge and reserved to craftspeople resident and regularly working in Italy. The following may not participate in the competition: the organisers, promoters and sponsors of the competition, as well as the members of the panel and their relatives.



From 5 November 2019 to midnight on 25 May, those wishing to enter the Competition may do so through the Starhotels website following the instructions given there. In so doing, they agree to abide by these Rules, to print the disclaimer and return it signed on each page to confirm that they have read and accept the terms and conditions.

To enter, in addition to the duly completed and signed disclaimer, candidates should also send the following via the file transfer service WeTransfer to

- a CV and a brief presentation of the entrant and their business;

- at least 5 (five) high-resolution photographs (a portrait of the entrant and a few photos of the work and the creation process);

- a technical presentation and detailed explanation of the work, describing the inspiration for it, its characteristics, the materials used and any other data and information considered relevant;

- an attestation confirming regular occupation.

The Promoter is indemnified from all and every liability for entries that are incomplete or received after the closing date of the Competition. Each participant may submit one entry to the Competition; subsequent entries submitted by the same person will not be considered for the purposes of the Competition.

The Promoter, at their sole discretion, may reject entries that are incomplete or that do not comply with these Rules.

The Promoter is not responsible for non-compliance with the Rules when such non-compliance is caused by circumstances resulting from force majeure. In the event of exceptional circumstances beyond their reasonable control, and only in the case of such circumstances making it unavoidable, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel or modify the Competition at any time.

The Promoter is indemnified from all and every liability for any damage, loss or injury sustained by the participant as a result of their participation in the Competition or following acceptance of the award.

Each participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Promoter against all and any complaint and/or legal action resulting from their participation in the Competition.



The Panel will be constituted as follows:

Elisabetta Fabri, President and CEO of Starhotels and President of the Panel;

Alberto Cavalli, General Director of the Fondazione Cologni and curator of Homo Faber, the showcase of Italian craftsmanship;

Maria Pilar Lebole, Coordinator of the OMA - Associazione Osservatorio Mestieri d'Arte (Observatory for Arts and Crafts);

Matteo Parigi Bini, founder and owner of Gruppo Editoriale, an independent publishing house;

Sara Ricciardi, designer and art director at “La Grande Bellezza”;

Stefano Boeri, architect and urban planner, President of the Triennale di Milano (a design and art museum);

Barnaba Fornasetti, designer and owner of Italian design icon Fornasetti;

Marva Griffin Wilshire, founder of the SaloneSatellite at Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, and a muse in the world of design;

Ugo La Pietra, architect and designer, and longstanding promoter of applied arts and craftsmanship;

Livia Peraldo Matton, Editor in Chief of Elle Decor Italia;

Ippolita Rostagno, founder of Artemest, the most authoritative online network of high quality craftsmanship.

The Panel as described above will select the 10 (ten) craftspeople as finalists and the winner, at their sole discretion.

Patron of the Award:

Cinzia TH Torrini, renowned Florentine director and screenwriter, winner of numerous international awards for her films and short films, and known for her TV work with a number of successful films and dramas, including “Pezzi unici”, broadcast on RAI 1 and set in the world of Italian craftsmanship.



The Panel will select, on the basis of the supporting material received with the entries, the 10 (ten) finalist works. The Panel will judge most favourably those works that reinforce the overall theme of Italian beauty and which  demonstrate the combination of manual work and creativity, with a contemporary re-thinking of obsolete and complex traditional techniques.

The evaluation criteria will be as follows:

- conceptual and aesthetic content;

- innovation and originality;

- market potential.

A score of 1 to 10 will be awarded for each criterion and the ranking of the finalist works will be drawn up based on the total score awarded to each work in regard to the above criteria.

The 10 (ten) finalist craftspeople will be invited to send, at their own expense, their work for viewing by the Promoter, in order that it may be presented directly to the Panel who will reconvene in Florence on a date to be specified, and which will be communicated in advance via email. The craftsperson may deliver their work in person, or may send it at their own expense.

The Promoter will select the winning work at their sole discretion. The finalist works must be loaned to the Promoter to be exhibited during the final award ceremony in Venice; they will subsequently be returned at the care and expense of the Promoter.

The Promoter, should they be interested, reserves the right to consider the purchase of individual works entered to the Competition, after signing a separate agreement to formalise this with the craftspeople.



The winner announced in first place will receive a prize from the Promoter of a monetary sum to the value of €10,000, which will be paid via bank transfer. Due to the covid 19 emergency, the awards ceremony will not take place as part of the "Homo Faber: Crafting a more human future" event, on 1 October as scheduled in Venice, since the event has been postponed to 2021 . The organizers of the Award reserve the right to communicate the names of the ten finalists and the winner by mid-September 2020 and to evaluate the organization of the Award presentation ceremony by autumn 2020 if the Covid-19 emergency is completely resolved.

Without prejudice to the Promoter’s obligations regarding tax, the winner will be responsible for any duties and/or charges, including taxes, that may result from winning the award. The winner will receive a communication via email (with read receipt) within 5 working days from the date that the works are presented to the Panel in Florence, as set out in article 8. In the event that the selection of the winner has to be postponed due to technical problems or any other reason, the Promoter will seek to return to the normal running of the Competition insofar as is reasonably possible and accepts no responsibility for any delay.

The winner must confirm their acceptance of the prize via email within 5 working days of receiving the communication from the Promoter.

In the event that the winner does not accept the award within the designated timeframe, the Promoter reserves the right to revoke the award and to present it to the next entrant in line in the ranking.

By confirming their acceptance of the prize, the winner agrees to be available to participate in promotional initiatives following the Competition and consents to the use of their name and photos of themselves and their work in all Starhotels communications relating to the Competition/Award.



Each participant, by confirming that they are the creator and owner of the work, exempts and fully indemnifies the Promoter and the Partners from all and any liability deriving from claims and/or legal actions brought by third parties relating to the originality and ownership of the work or part of it, which must be declared under the conditions of entry to the Competition.

The intellectual property rights relating to works presented for the Competition continue to be held by the individual participants.



With regard to privacy regulation, we refer to Regulation (EU) No 679/2016 and to Legislative Decree 196/2006 “Privacy Code” as updated in Legislative Decree 101/2018. Consequently, the Promoter will manage participants’ data for the activities relating to the business or promotional objectives relating to the Competition in full compliance with the abovementioned legislation. In particular, entry into the Competition requires each participant to read the information on the treatment of personal data from article 13 of Regulation (EU) No 679/2016, which is available on the Promoter’s website.



The parties agree to find an amicable resolution to any disputes arising in relation to or in the execution of these Rules.

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